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Adverbs: Adverb clauses of time and place

Adverb clauses of time and place

An adverb clause serves the purpose of an adverb. There are different kinds of adverb clauses.

Adverb clauses of time

Adverb clauses of time are introduced by subordinating conjunctions like when, whenever, before, after, as, since, till, once and now that.

  • Whenever I get an idea for a story, I jot it down in a notebook.
  • When you heat ice, it melts.
  • After the match ended, we left for our homes.
  • As the chief guest arrived, we all stood up.
  • I will wait until you have finished dressing.
  • Sunday is the day when I am least busy.
  • Whenever I go to London, I stay with my brother.

Once and now that are sometimes used as conjunctions in adverb clauses of time.

  • Once you have made a decision, you must stick to it.
  • Now that winter has come, we must buy some woollen clothes.

Adverb clauses of place

Adverb clauses of place are introduced by the conjunctions whereand wherever.

  • Wherever you go, you will find coca cola.
  • Where there is a will, there is a way.
  • That is the place where I was born.
  • This is the house where I live in.

In informal English, everywhere is sometimes used instead of wherever.

  • Everywhere we went, people greeted us warmly. (= Whereverwe went, people greeted us warmly.)

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