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Adverbs: Adverb Phrases

Adverb phrases

We have already seen that a group of words called an adjective phrase can serve the same purpose as an adjective. In the same way, an adverb phrase can does the work of an adverb.

Study the following examples.

  • He spoke politely. (Here the adverb politely says something about the manner in which he spoke.)
  • He spoke in a polite manner. (Here the adverb phrase ‘in a polite manner’ also says how he spoke.)

Thus we have seen that an adverb phrase modifies a verb just like an adverb does.

  • It is available now.
  • It is available at the moment.

In the pair of sentences given above, the adverb phrase ‘at the moment’ modifies the verb just like the adverb now does.


An adverb phrase is a group of words that serves the same purpose as an adverb. Like an adverb, an adverb phrase can also modify an adjective or another adverb.

Some adverbs and their equivalent adverb phrases are given below.

  • Bravely (adverb) – in a brave manner (adverb phrase)
  • Beautifully – in a beautiful manner / way / style
  • Formerly – in former times / once upon a time
  • Recently – just now or at a recent date
  • Soon – before very long
  • Here – on this spot
  • Everywhere – in all places
  • Now – at the moment

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